Dishwasher Repair


We specialise in Dishwasher repairs! Dishwashers have become a mainstay in every household, making washing up plates and cutlery a breeze.

Modern dishwashers have a range of features which assist in maintaining clean dishes ready for the next meal

  Door not opening

  Not washing

  Water not draining

  Error code

Service Charge Inclusions1


Our service charge is a capped-fee with the call-out, assessment, labour and report. Part(s) if required are an additional quoted cost once the assessment has been completed.

The Service Charge applies to in-home repairs only and does not include any workshop or transportation costs if this is required. Please speak with our team with regard to the service charge cost for your appliance.


Our field service charge includes one (1) trained service technician to attend to your home or business. Our technician will call you approximately 30 minutes prior to arrival.


Our technician will assess and diagnose your product provided that the product is in a serviceable location.3


Our service charge includes all in-home4 repair labour to your product, provided that your product is repairable5, and we guarantee our workmanship for 90 days.6


Our technician or administrative staff will provide you with a report7 of the assessment or repair on your product.

Terms of Service

1. Additional charges will apply for a secondary technician should one be required to assist with the repair.
2. Applicable to in-home labour only. Additional service charge of $176.00 will be applicable if your product requires a workshop repair (compressor, drum, etc.).
3. The service charges outlined above remain applicable even if quote is declined, if there is no fault with the product or if parts are no longer available through the manufacturer/supplier.
4. Refer to our Terms & Conditions.
5. Report will only be provided once the service charge has been paid.