AKTIVO Stainless Cooktop Cleaner


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•Non-scratch heavy duty cream cleanser

•Eco friendly

•Dissolves and removes stains including spills/baked on foods

•Leaves behind a clean surface with a fresh mint fragrance


In stock

AKTIVO Stainless Steel Cooktop Cleaner is a powerful environmentally friendly, non-scratch heavy-duty cream cleanser, which takes the hard work out of cleaning all stainless steel, porcelain and enamel surfaces. Dissolves and removes stains, spills, baked-on foods and other build up easily leaving behind a clean surface with a fresh mint fragrance.

Directions: Apply with a small amount onto a damp cloth and clean by following the grain of the surface. Do not rub excessively in one spot and avoid rubbing in circular motions. Rinse thoroughly with water after use or with a damp cloth.

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